Things That Can Suck Your Money During A Luxury Holiday Trip

Travelling is a habit for which people spend a lot. Actually this is an expense that you enjoy. But, still everything starts with a budget plan and when it exceeds the extreme border of your limit, you get in trouble managing your upcoming day to day expenses. Well, we aren’t telling about the millionaires and hope you aren’t one of them. But, no matter how better we plan Dubai holidays, often the control on budget gets lost due to several issues. So, let’s today know about those, so that we can be cautious beforehand.

Book BeforeThe Price Spikes

Mostly bigger plans are made sitting on the comfort of home – well beforehand. But, there are some genetic late runners who always forget to book their air ticket, hotel etc. and as days passes the price increases. Why? As per economy, it’s better less than none. So, every business prefers to confirm their sale even they get a low price than holding it for an unknown time to get a better price. What that means? You can save a good amount of money by booking your airticket or Maldives holidays hotelat least two months ago. If you wait for the last moment you have to pay at least 30% extra, if not even more.

Be Sure Before Booking

So, you are going. Right? Or have you any doubt in your plan? Dig out all the possible reasons which may cancel your journey at the last moment. Take important things in consideration, like weather, exam of children or anything like that. Why I am saying this? If you book in hurry and have to cancel it later, you’ll have to pay cancellation charge (in most cases). And the worst thing is it is not going to be an ignorable amount anyhow. So, before you book holidays to Mauritius, be sure about your plan.

Don’t Rely on ‘Not Confirmed’

If you have planned to travel by train and haven’t got the return ticket confirmed, simply cancel the trip. Yes, it sounds impossible; but it makes sense. Never go on holidays to Maldives with a ‘waiting’ ticket. If it doesn’t get confirmed till the last day, you’ll have to pay huge to get a ticket other way – you know what I mean.

Don’t Book Service That isn’t Necessary

While I said that booking early can save your money, now I’m going to say opposite. Pardon me. Actually I’m now saying about some services that may not be mandatory to book, say lunch and dinner. Once you confirmed it, you have to take it, no matter if the next restaurant serves delicious food at a cheaper rate. So, if you are going on holidays to Dubai better keep these parts for booking at site. Believe me, you’ll save a lot on total.


So, follow these simple tips and save your valuable money. And don’t forget to share your experience about how you enjoyed your trip. Also let us know what point I missed to mention in this blog.

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