Things to Carry In Your Bag While You Are On Luxury Holidays to Other Countries

Are you flying to any other country this vacation? Have you packed your bag already? Are you sure that you have taken all the ‘must have’ items in your bag? Hope you are enough serious about these matters. And actually one should be, especially when they are going to holidays to Mauritius for the first time. So here is a brief check list for all your important things during your trip.



I know it a boring point for several travellers. But, there are people who still aren’t enough confident in this matter. So, for them we would say that your passport and visa is primarily enough. But, we suggest people to carry at least two other identity cum address proof with them. Make sure all your documents are valid government documents. If you are travelling for treatment, job or any other special purpose, take the concerned documents as well. It is not good to rely on mail copy while you are on holidays to Dubai. Rather take a printout of your mail as well.

Credit/Debit Cards

No matter how much cash you carry with you or how detailed booking you already have done, take your credit or debit cards with you. Make sure those are usable in your destination country as there are banks and bank-cards that aren’t valid in all countries and on that case you would be in a great trouble. Here is a simple trick. If you already have booked Mauritius luxury holidays hotel, call them and ask if your bank is available there. In case they say no, consult with your banker for a solution. If you have enough time for the trip, you may also like to open another account on any other international bank.

Medical Report

I hope you are physically fit. Still, there is no harm in carrying detailed and latest medical report of yours. It must contain points like your blood group, your allergies, medicines that aren’t allowed for your or any surgery like pace maker and so on. It will help you a lot in case you are in a medical emergency. You can avoid several adverse situation just for this report. Also take a note of the nearest hospital from the location of your Dubai luxury holidays resort.

Gadgets and Chargers

Who don’t want to take selfies and snaps during their Maldive luxury holidays. But, can you imagine a situation where you are in the middle of a trip at a marvelous place and your camera is running out of battery? Well it’s pathetic experience. This is why you should double check your bag and take charger, power banks etc. in advance. Never wait for the last day as you may miss those important things in the last moment. Also, download all the current images and videos from your camera’s memory card to your computer so that ‘insufficient memory’ issues can’t hamper your journey. Have a great journey. And make sure you update us about your experience and the things you enjoyed most there.

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