Mistakes Than Can Make A Trip Hectic for Every New Rookie


Nothing can be better than a trip to add some spice to your daily tedious life. New place, new faces, new sights, new things everything has their own charm and amusement. Travelling gives us brake and fills us with positive vibes. We just need opportunity and proper plan to make such journeys memorable for our entire life. Nowadays, it becomes easier to travel anywhere you want. The moment the thought of travelling hits your mind, you just contact any travel agency and they would take care of the rest. You don’t have to be worried about anything. Yes, it is that simple and hassle free. But, you must be surprised to know that in spite of this, some people fail to enjoy their trip and have a bitter or hectic experience out of it. Travel experts at Mauritius holidays have pointed out some mistakes that more or less every rookie traveller commits and ruin their trip. Have a look into them and try your best not to repeat.


Booking too much

As you are going to have a new experience and as the place is new, being anxious is not unnatural. But, some people lose their marbles and begin to behave absurdly. The first thing they do is to book everything extra. Whether it is a hotel, park, car parking zone, lunch, dinner, cab, restaurant, they do over booking and end up in spending excess money.


Excess Packing

We forget that we are going outside in order to detach ourselves from the load and burden of our usual life. So, why are you carrying extra load in your luggage? Most of us make our bags fluffy with excess dress, accessories, toiletries, sleeping kit and many other unnecessary things. But, actually we use very little of them. You can avoid this issue from marring the effect of your journey. First of all, know whether the luxury holiday you have booked would provide you with the basic things like toiletries and some cosmetics and eliminate them from your packing. And secondly, how can you miss the fact that you would buy new things out there? So, spare some room for them and make use of them as much as possible.


Dependent on the guide

It is needless to say that a professional tour guide would be your best minion at a new place. Problems come when you start to depend on that person completely. You would only know the things that he would tell you and see the sites he would show you. So, there is a chance that you would miss surprises. Every place has some hidden beauty or untrodden paths that your curious instructs can only discover. So, let the tour guide help you but not control you.


Neglecting health issues

Exposure to new climate, new food, drink and habits may have side effects on you. Especially if you have allergic or respiratory issue or skin sensitivity. So, it is suggested to avoid the things close contact with which may create troubles and have necessary medicines with you.


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