Know The Time When You Should Avoid Travelling Abroad

Every person should set out for any known or unknown destination at least twice a year. We don’t say that you always have to book 5* all inclusive holidays; low budget trips also has its own charm, especially when there are lots of things to do. Heritage places, jungles, top cities are some of such places where you can keep yourself busy throughout the day travelling the sightseeing. However, there are some times when you should not plan a trip, even though you have won a free-trip, may be holidays to Maldives. Here are the guideline when you strictly should avoid any trip to particular destination.

Poor Health

May be it is a cold and flu, any surgery, tooth-ache any old-age health hazard, you should drop your plan. Even if you already have booked your Maldive luxury holidays, it is better you cancel those and postpone it. Even though they may seem very casual issue, they may become critical when you land on that new climate and keep traveling to all the sightseeing and swim for hours in the sea. This is why we always suggest our readers to take special care of their health at least two weeks ago from the traveling date. It is also better if you visit your doctor and go for a full body checkup. If you have any chronic disease, have pace maker or recently suffered from any severe issue, also get it checked.

Viral Outbreak

Keep an eye on the world news to know if any viral outbreak have started at your destination or even in your local. You won’t like to get infected by Zica virus or any such disease just to enjoy some days in a new destination. But, why should you avoid luxury holiday, even if the outbreak has started in your locality? Well, if it has become a global news, may be the airport authority don’t allow you to enter their country to save their citizen and on that case you would be in great trouble. You might have to buy the return ticket at a high price and have to make a good lose in the cancellation charges, says a Maldives holidays agent.

Natural Calamities

Be it a cyclone, flood, snowfall or earth-quake in your destination country or area, avoid the trip strictly. You would be trapped in great trouble and it may be as severe as scarcity of food and water. Even if it is just an alert about a cyclone or heavy rainfall, you should cancel your tickets as soon as possible and postpone the date. Your life is always costlier than these minor ticket prices, isn’t it?

Political Instability

May be there is an election or the opposition is taking the government upper hand or might be there is an issue with the neighbor country regarding terrorism or immigration, let it cool down. We suggest our travelers to go on any other luxury holidays to avoid any unpleasant situation in a foreign land, isn’t it right?

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