Rules to Know before You Visit Dubai Emirates with Your Family for the First Time

Dubai remained one of the dream destinations for every international traveler with such a mix of entertainment options. Located between the deserted land and the sea the city offers you mesmerizing luxury, series of skyscrapers, some of the wonder structures of the world as well as a heritage that tells a lot about the history. So, Dubai emirate holidays is considered as a great place for travelers of every age, every preference and almost every budget. Yes, it isn’t that much costly as it seems until you visit. However, one must remember that UAE is a Muslim country and so foreign travelers should be a bit known to their culture and heritage before they visit and enjoy a respectful vacation. This is why, here are some suggestions that you should follow.


Well, don’t take it negatively; if you wear your favorite hot-pant with a tight T-shirt, no one is going to complain. But, every responsible traveler should respect the culture of the country they are going to visit and if they don’t like too mush showing off your skin, bust and bum, what’s bad if you try some long skirt with a full-sleeve T-shirt during your trip to Dubai emirate – at least while you are roaming into the city malls and other public places? It won’t make you look old fashioned, neither your trip-pictures would get spoiled. You can wear your favorite and comfortable dresses when you are inside your hotel or in your private sea beach.

Hotel & Restaurant

When you travel to any other city, you probably book the hotel a couple of week ago; and visit any restaurant anytime and grab a table. But, Dubai emirate breaks may make you upset in this regard if you have some fascination on some particular eatery or hotel. You must book them well before you reach there. Well, it is okay to book a table in your dream restaurant a day ago, but without booking – a BIG no.

Alcohol Rules

Again we must mention it clearly that it is a Muslim country and you should set it in mind that it isn’t the perfect place for drinkers. Well, we don’t say that alcohol is banned here – but you should be very careful regarding this. In the international zone there are some restaurant and bars that provide alcohol to sit-and-drink and they are licensed. You can take few pegs there and no one is going to grab you. However, don’t go to the bars outside the city which aren’t licensed and you may be in trouble if you caught red handed.


Dubai offers luxury holidays and it would be a mismatch if you don’t find nightclubs. But, to be frank, just like alcohol, nightclubs aren’t open on the street side and if you want to enjoy any of those, you have to know where exactly they are. Mostly these are located inside the hotels – may be in the center lobby or on the roof top and unless you have right information on that, you aren’t going to find out one by roaming around.

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