Luxury holidays in Mauritius or Maldives can be enjoyed to the fullest

luxury holidays

People think something and plan accordingly. Then that thing in most of the cases does not happen. Even if that takes place, the charm is vanished. There are several plans in our mind, which we develop in the daily basis and some of them are only made for some special occasions. I am also not an exception. My fiancée and I have planned many travel destinations together, but none of them happened at the last moment due to this or that reasons. The last time we planned for a luxurious holiday trip after the hectic year was almost about to finish. This time we managed seven days as the yearly leaves from our respective offices to spend the last days of this year amidst nature’s lap. But the leaves are split into two slots; one is 2 days & 3 nights during Christmas and the other one for 3 days & 4 nights during New Year. The plan was for Mauritius and Maldives trip. We are working both in Mumbai and stay there. We can spend this last year as a fiancée as the next year we have planned for the wedding knot.

maldive luxury holidays

So, we have planned accordingly with the local, but well reputed travel agent for the complete trip. The trip has been split into two trips. One is from Mumbai to Male and the other is from Mumbai to Mauritius. In between the two, we planned for some rest. We are in the search of spending luxury holidays in Maldives or Mauritius to rejuvenate and relax completely. So, there are no plans of a lot of sight-seeing. The journey was 2 nights stay at Maldives and then back to Mumbai. Again starting after 2 days from Mumbai, we reached the resort in Mauritius after some 8 to 9 hours travel. We got freshen up, have meals and then took a power nap in the resort. Then the actual trip in the nature’s lap started. Every time we have planned earlier, the plan failed and this time, I did not felt any excitement beforehand the journey.

mauritius holidays

The first destination was Maldives and the second one was Mauritius, where the first one can be cherished for the whole life, due to the ecstatic beauty. The Maldives’ beauty was just like dreams and can be felt, but cannot be illustrated by any means. The reefs, the islands or the atolls are something special for the place to enjoy and also get surprised. But, Maldive luxury holidays will always be our favorite spot although the Mauritius holidays are more enjoyable. The holidays to Mauritius became more vibrant with the water activities as well as the local foods. The spa treatments were refreshing and we enjoyed the full flavors of Mauritius luxury holidays. But, whatever we have done in Mauritius, the scopes and lists were limited in Maldives. Still the night sky and the beach in Maldives can attract many such visitors like me from a distant place and will memorize the beauty of the atolls of the island with the true essence.

Every people has their own dream. People feel rejuvenated from different activities and it varies from person to person widely. Even a couple may come with totally new idea when they are plan about their honeymoon, vacation or their anniversary. But, when it is about Dubai luxury holidays, hardly any person can resist them showing their excitement. But, as we said earlier, not all our plans come true and mostly due to our financial limitation. So, here are some exclusive tips for you that willhelp you manage your budget and visit your dream destination.

Book Ticket Well Beforehand

Unlike train tickets, air-tickets are too costly for most of the people. If you aren’t a millionaire, probably it won’t be easy for you to just search and book your flight. But, if you try this several months before your journey date, you can get the ticket at half or even less price. Surprised! Yes, it is fact and that is why most of the Dubai holidays agents suggest people to contact them well beforehand. Don’t worry, the person next to you in the airplane who has booked the seat at a high price won’t get any extra facility – both have same value.

Choose Hotel Wisely

Are you planning for Maldives holidays tour? Don’t expect that you can travel through the sightseeing on your foot. You must have to book cab. So, is there any necessity to choose your hotel which is located in the heart of the city? Probably not, especially when it costs more the double. Instead try the hotels at the border of the city and you will get relief from the crowd of the travelers and the hustle bustle of the city. You can spend the free hours relaxing in the lawn without the hesitation of the peering eyes.

Don’t Opt for Meals at Hotel

Hotels try to push you the meals as a package. It sounds more suitable as you won’t have to worry for lunch and dinner while you are on a shopping at the locals. But, believe me it is not an issue if you return late. You will find n-number of restaurants serving delicious foods at a cheaper price. But, if you go on that package at the holidays to Dubai hotels, there is a good chance you won’t be happy with the servings and the price will also be higher than general. Even if they don’t have those finger-licking popular sea-food dishes in their menu, you have to accept it or have to spend extra for the food that you purchase extra.

Update your Medical Insurance

Well, it is not mandatory. But, if you get sick during a tour, it can be too costly at these places and it may spoil your budget. And no one can guarantee that they won’t be sick. It can be weather-effect or allergy from the sea-food that you took for the first time during the holidays to Maldives. Also, go to your physician for a thorough body checkup before you leave your homeland.

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