Must Follow Tips for New Travelers During A Foreign Luxury Holidays Trip

Travelling abroad is one of the most memorable experiences in a person’s life. Everyone spend a lot of their savings to make their luxury holidays trip special. The expense multiplies if you are travelling with your family members. But if you don’t follow the golden rules of foreign trip, may be you return with a bad memory in collection. So, here are some tips that you should note down before you leave your country.

Vaccination &Insurance Docs

Every country today is highly alert about new diseases which are mostly carried by travelers from different countries. So, make a research about the vaccination requirement and medical certificate that you require to visit that particular country. You can get information from the Mauritius luxury holidays hotel agents if you are visiting Mauritius. Also carry your insurance docs with you to get financial support if get attacked by any serious health hazard.

Copy of Passport

Though you must carry your passport always with you, leave a copy of your passport in your home as well as hotel room. It would work as a backup if you anyhow misplace your original passport or it gets stolen in this new place. At least you can seek for help showing your copy and claim that you are a clean citizen of ‘that’ country.

Plastic Money


No matter how much cash you have with you, make sure you  have enough amount in your bank account. Also check the limit of your credit card and keep them as safely as your passport. These would come handy if you are pick pocketed or in a trouble during holidays to Dubai.


Check your Cards

It is highly suggested to contact your bank before you leave your country about the usability of your bank card. Know if that card is acceptable on that particular country. Also, just after landing on your destination visit any of the nearest ATM counter and draw some money to make sure that it is working fine.

Keep Enough Local Cash

No matter how much money you have in your purse, if it is not the local currency, all are just useless and you just like the poor person sitting outside metro stations. So, exchange your currency to make your Maldives holidays smooth and hassle free.


Collect Guidebook

Most of the countries publish guidebook for their popular tourist spots. Collect them as soon as possible to know the sightseeings better. It will also tell you about the rules, fees, open and closing times and several other important facts about the Dubai luxury holidays. Mostly this one or two buck guidebook comes handy to avoid those fake local guides who can rob you within a few hours. Also note down the important numbers from the guidebook on a paper and keep it in your safest pocket.

Keep Unimportant Things in Hotel Room

Carry what you must need to carry while you are on sightseeing. Leave every extra thing in hotel room to reduce your weight and also to keep them safe — no one knows where and how pickpockets would rob you and then you would have no option other than beating your head.

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