Plan a shopping to Dubai and the romantic holidays to Maldives or Mauritius

The honeymoon destination is planned by almost everyone before the marriage. But, I have a different plan for the same. Actually, wanted to shop with my fiancée from Dubai that is extensively known for the international shopping spree. I planned the honeymoon into a romantic holiday spot that is always a lucrative destination for the travel lovers. Especially the people who fantasize about some romantic travel spots, there are two amazing names. One is the Maldives and the other one the Mauritius. Both are unique in their features.


I have started planning the dates with my fiancée and then both of us decided to contact a travel agency to get the packaged offers. There are several travel agencies these days in almost every place. So, choosing the good one with budget packages and safety is not at all easy. After trial and error we choose some of the names and from those we started contacting and knowing the offers, packages, the facilities they are going to provide as well as the feedbacks from the previous travelers. By this methodology we created a list that can help us to spend the holidays to Mauritius or the holidays to Maldives in a budget price as well as meeting the best possible facilities.




We first started for our shopping destination to Dubai, where the exotic shopping malls with international standard are present. The collection of the shopping centers in the one of the most well known shopping city Dubai is outstanding. Whatever you want from any of the international destinations with excellencies in their quality and features will make you speechless. The duty free shopping is what makes the shopping experience more attractive for international shopping lovers.  Our Dubai holidays or the shopping experience became amazing and also unforgettable for the whole life. There are other options also in the city to spend the holidays in a much better way. The tall buildings or the high-rise with notable features like the Burj Khalifa and several other such sights are found in Dubai.

The stunning white sands in the beaches of both Maldives and Mauritius are common. Also, some other things are common for both the places in the Indian Ocean. The turquoise water and the amazing natural beauties turn both the places suitable for choosing them as the most attractive romantic travel spots and we are not an exceptional. The spectacular under water attractions in both the places are outstanding. Maldives is well known for the whale shark, baby shark, manta rays, turtles and other such creatures with the snorkeling as well as diving activities. The Mauritius holidays on the other hand can be enjoyed with the 18th century ship wrecks and the other attractions like the artificial reefs and other such attractions. Our Maldives luxury holidays are better understood with the paradisiacal beach life which is on the other hand very popular in the Mauritius. The local cuisines of both the places are too good and being a foodie I loved both of them with the separate tests. Enjoy and experience for a memorable trip.

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