Traveling in an airplane itself is an exciting experience for first-timers. But, it’s not as casual as travelling by an AC train – you need to follow some rules. Following the dos and don’ts properly would make your trip to Maldive luxury holidays truly enjoyable. As we already have discussed on what to do in a flight, let’s today discuss about the don’ts.

Sleeping inside Airplane

While there is nothing simpler than sleeping during a long trip to avoid the lag, sleeping while the plane lands or takes off can be badly uncomfortable. According to a Mauritius holidays agent during takeoff or landing of an airplane the air pressure around you changes too fast and most of the first timers feel severely uneasy and some may even become sick. However, don’t worry it’s temporary and everything would become normal within a minute. For a bit more details, you may feel dumbness, dizziness or can even have nose bleeding if you haven’t a normal blood pressure; however these are rare. So, how to tackle these things? Simply take a chewing gum before the plane changes its height; take a big yawn or can even take some candy, suggests a Dubai holiday agent. It’s better not to take snacks and chips which would make your mouth dry. And of course, lock your seatbelt properly. If you don’t understand how to do it, call the airhostess and let them help you.

Taking Aisle Seat

Everyone rush for the window seat, no matter it’s a bus, train or airplane. But, for women who are on birth control pills or is pregnant and plant to travel by airplane, it is better not to go for the window or middle seat. Why? During plane landing or take off the air pressure falls rapidly around you and it may often clot blood on your legs, especially on the aforementioned conditions. As per a holidays to Mauritius travel consultant, walking around makes it situation better which increases the blood flow in your body. But, if you are stuck in the window or middle seat, there is a good chance you’ll feel uncomfortable to disturb others frequently.

Biological Clock

Travelling to different country changes the time zone and may be it puts the clock upside down. So, it’s not much surprising if you start your journey of holidays to Maldives in the morning and after traveling 12 hours or even more you land just before noon. No doubt, you can’t waste this ‘day time’ sleeping in your hotel room and wake up in the night. And if you don’t do so, your body would take revenge. So, what to do? As per a Dubai holiday consultant, it is best to set your watch and mobile time to the destination time zone as soon as you board the airplane and set your activities as per your watch. It simply means if your watch says it is midnight even though you can see the Sun rising outside, just close your eyes and take a long nap, same as you do in midnight.




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