Top Secrets to Save Huge While Booking Flight Ticket for Foreign Trip


Though the price of flight tickets is too high compared to the other means of travelling, while you plant to travel abroad, mostly you don’t have any other option left. This is why people mostly avoid foreign trips and stay satisfied with their domestic tours. But, as per a Mauritius luxury holidays agent, it is possible to minimize your air-ticket cost to a great extent if you know the secrets. How? Yes, there are several ways we can try to reduce the cost of flight tickets. Here are some of the tricks. Just follow:


Price Slab

Every Airlines have limited number of seats and they sell them in different price slabs. The less seat are there in the available list, the higher would the price be. So, if you are planning to travel with your partner, if you search tickets at a time for both, and say there is only one seat left in the lowest slab, the automated system would shift you both on the next upper level. That means, while there is still one seat available in at low price, you would have to buy both at high price. As the difference between two slabs is really huge, it would be a wise decision to not leave that for others. But how? As per a Maldives holidays agent, break it into two tickets (one ticket at a time) and you’ll be offered the lowest priced ticked automatically. This is why booking ticket for group at a time often costs more.


Booking Date

In Airlines the simply rule that they follow is earlier is cheaper. As I said in the previous point, they have different price slabs and the earlier price slabs are the cheapest. So, if you plan your trip well beforehand and book your ticket at least two months ago you can save a lot. Generally, the last slab become at least two times or even costlier than the first slab price, says a holidays to Maldives hotel agent.


Book on Weekdays

Every people want to book their Air ticket on the weekend and that’s why the sales of Airlines goes high automatically. But, during the weekdays it drops and this is why they want to boost their sales by launching several offers — mostly between Tuesday and Thursday. So, if you target these days to book your ticket for Dubai holidays, there’s a good chance you could save some dollars.


Flexible Traveling Day

Mostly people travel during the weekends and return by Sunday evening flight so that they can join office next day. This is why the price of tickets goes high quickly for those flights. If you aren’t too strict to change your travelling date or time, you can extend it to the next working day and your ticket price would fall on its nose, says a holidays to Dubai resort agent.


Include Weekdays

Weekdays are the mostidle days for every Airlines until it’s a holiday. So, including a weekday, say Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in any leg of your trip could reduce your traveling cost drastically. Though it’s not always possible, yet don’t miss a chance if there is any.

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