Luxury holidays to any of the favorite destinations like Dubai can be memorable

There are numerous amazing places in the world, which can be explored. We often fail to go to visit the places which are very near to you. The world has diverse locations and there are still several places which can be explored and each of them is unique in terms of their specific features. Some places have beaches; some are situated on any river banks, whereas some of the places are equipped with forests or woods which make them unique from the others. The islands and desert are some of the different spots which are diverse in their own beauties.  You may want to explore the luxury holidays in a land full of refreshing activities and many exotic areas to cover. The list of the luxury holiday trips is not completed without the three destinations like Mauritius, Maldives and Dubai.

The city of skyscrapers where the tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa is situated is a dream place to visit. Yes, Dubai is one of the cities where almost numerous buildings are there which surprises the traveler every time. The ultimate international shopping adventures come to an end here. There are Dubai Fountain that is choreographed to music with jets and lights. The Atlantis, The Palm resort with marine-animal parks and water is also an amazing one in Dubai. The Burj Al Arab is a sail-shaped hotel that is located near the Kite Beach and the Jumeirah beach which are two popular sand stretches. In the past years Dubai was well known for the sleepy fishing village which is now located in Bastakiya. The other activities in Dubai luxury holidays include visiting the Sharjah stadium famous for international cricket.

The amazing spot surrounded by water all over and white sandy beaches along with exotic natural sceneries are found in Mauritius. The island nation on Indian Ocean is well known for the extensive reefs, lagoons and beaches. The Black River Gorges National Park along with rainforests, waterfalls, wildlife including the flying fox is some of the major attractions in Mauritius. The Port Louis is the capital which can also be explored with some sightseeing. Mauritius luxury holidays can be best experienced with the relaxing spa and taking sunbathe in front of the blue ocean.

Another destination that is in the list of the nearby destination within Asia giving the thrill of the water activities and coral islands is the Maldives. The tropical nation is located in the Indian Ocean that is composed of 26 atolls which are ring-shaped. There are about 1000 coral islands and the blue lagoons, extensive reefs or the beaches to travel around the fullest. One can also visit the restaurants for the local foods and the busy fish market for several types of fishes. The Maldives holidays will be a memoir for the life time if a good and packaged tour can be arranged.  

The holidays to Dubai or Maldives or Mauritius can be the best when a planned trip will be arranged and the activities will also depend on that.

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