Best Ever Travel Guide – Tips on Choosing Different Types of Travel Destination

If you are a seasoned world explorer, probably this article is not for you. Rather, let me put it this way: if you are novice in world travelling this article is exclusively for you. Why? Every year millions of people go out in search of entertainment and enjoyment in a place, may be a nearby city or a distant foreign land, say holidays to Mauritius. While you can mostly tackle most of the issues when you are near your hometown, travelling abroad demands knowledge on some golden tips – for your safety, proper enjoyment and least expense. Here we have divided the destinations as per natural differences.

Hill Region

Travelling to any hill region, may be holidays to Dubai, itself can be too tempting. The serene beauty of lash green valleys, the dazzling white ice covered hill ranges and the tribes – all gives you a feeling of heaven, no matter you are with your family or friends. But, before booking your tickets in advance, make sure it is not a rainy season there at that time. Landslides are common at that timeand also the frequent heavy rains may block you at your luxury holidays hotel room. Same goes with the winter season. Too much snow fall in winter season can create road blockages and freeze you in between the trip. So, if you aren’t planning to enjoy the beauty with your wife or girlfriend in the hotel room, do the research properly. May be you like to talk to the manager of the hotel.

Sea Beach

Sea side cities remained one of the top travel destinations for travellers across the word. Let it be Vizag or Dubai luxury holidays, you can spend a few days in such seaside resorts with your family and make lots of fun and take delicious sea foods. However, rainy season is the worst time to visit any seaside city because of the high tides and of course rain would coop you in your room. Also if it a storm prone area, which most of the seaside area is, you can be in trouble if there is an attack of any cyclone or tsunami. Otherwise, most of the seasons here are very enjoyable, mostly the winter time.

Jungle Area

Wildlife can be nostalgic for many people, if not all. The miles of dark jungles, the coos of birds, and the animal kingdom makes one mad to visit again and again. But, before you book your ticket, know if there is any organized and safe jungle safari available there or not. In case, you have to travel on your risk, it is better not to come here with your family, especially little kids. However, there are jungles like holidays to Maldives which are enough safe as it doesn’t have those giant carnivorous, at least in the areas where you would be allowed to travel. Still, again rainy season would be a bad choice for sudden increase in several types of dangerous mosquitos, snakes and other poisonous weeds that may not be safe for you.


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