Travelling to Some Wonderful Places and Bringing Home Some Wonderful Memories

Mauritius is the melting pot where the past and the present blend together into an abstract entity that compels travellers to return t its shores time and again. Any guest, who has been to this panoramic island nation, has safeguarded the priceless memories in the safety vault of the mind lifelong. The place simply enchants the mind and uplifts the soul of the guests who travel from distant parts of the planet.

As such, holidays to Mauritius is the biggest thing that is happening across the global tourism sector these days. The country is named after a Dutch noble, Prince Maurice van Nassau. Today, the country exhibits a multi-cultural society with a significant population from the neighbouring regions.

Some of the great beaches here include the following:

    • Mont Choisy Beach – It is not only breath-taking but also secluded and ideal for swimming.


    • Long Beach – Happens to be one of the best places here for snorkelling.


  • Pereybere public beach – It is also a snorkelling destination; however, its chain of exotic food stalls is also one of its major attraction.

The atmosphere and the crowd at these beaches will definitely lift your senses high enough to make you feel the true meaning of luxury holidays.

For an incredible exposure to your mind and soul, you can also go for a catamaran trip to Ile aux Cerfs. There is Fort Adelaide, built by the British in 1840 and the period house of Saint Aubin to provide you with necessary variations.  If you are an avid golfer and if you visit the island in the month of May, you enjoy the Mauritius Open Golf Tournament live.  This will certainly make your Mauritius holidays more colourful.

The Maldives Islands is another top tourist attraction these days. The nation has a rich heritage of seafaring and has diverse foreign influence in its composition. These factors add up to make the island one of the hottest tourist destinations in the recent times. Some of the popular sightseeing options here include the following:

    • The Grand Friday Mosque or Masjid-al-Sultan – built in the 17th century can accommodate more than 5,000 people at a time.


    • The Friday Mosque is another fascinating and the oldest place of worship in the beautiful island.


  • The President’s Palace, though it is forbidden for the public but, you can certainly photograph its exteriors.

As such, going on holidays to Maldives is a bright idea that will definitely provide fun and frolic.

If you are planning for vacationing in Dubai, the best time to visit is from November to April. January and February are real rush hour in local tourism because of the famous Dubai Shopping Festival. Winter stays here from November to April and this is the best time for all outdoor activities. As such, Dubai luxury holidays are one of the most popular trends in tourism at present.

The city provides a wonderful blend of the traditional Oriental culture along with ultramodern architecture and lifestyle.

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