Plan a luxury trip that gives a real break from the dreary life and refresh you from inside

Mauritius is the charming island most reachable in the Indian Ocean. Its pleasant, clear waters and white beaches remain warmly easy going as there are no charter flights to rattle the peace. Mauritius luxury holidays, among its many charm are botanical gardens, crocodile farms, rainforests and a volcano. For a more enterprising practice, appraise its golf courses, water sports, diving and tennis. Whatever the fun, a luxury Mauritius holiday bewitch one and uplift his soul. This is suitably one of the most sought-after exclusive holiday harbor in the world and as it is just a few hours flying time from South Africa, it makes for a genuine safari/beach mix holiday.

This incredible part of the world is the extreme Indian Ocean retreat. A Maldive luxury holidays with delicate Resorts offers glaring beaches, great sunshine and the warmest of welcomes. It is the most appropriate harbor for a honeymoon, a luxury scuba-diving exposure or simply a break from the hazards of the everyday life. Getting to the Maldives is quite enjoyable too. Take all the golden-sun, white-sand, azure-water corns one cares to think of, shake well, dredge over the equatorial ocean and season to taste with luxury – all are the parts of the Maldives holidays. Its two groups of reefs have formed the world’s lowest-lying country, barely reaching more than a few meters above sea level.

Palm Islands, a beautiful prototype of land redemption, is one of the best weekend getaways in Dubai for tourists keen to see the amazing construction work during Dubai holidays. Quasi to the shape of a palm tree, this specific area spans three islands, viz. Palm Deira, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Jumeirah, the only one open to public. The island is pride of residential buildings, water parks, shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment zones to offer to the tourists. Another man-made island, named World Islands as it looks the pattern of a world map, also makes an outstanding weekend getaway for holidays to Dubai. Wonderland Water & Theme Park, the largest amusement park in the country, is a place especially beloved among children. Rambling across an area of twenty two acres, this park is regarded as family treating spot. There are 3D theatre, camel rides, action ride troupe, rain ball and skill games zone. Based over Hajar Mountains, Hatta Rock Pools is a decent valley identified by the splendor of the waterfall along with the beautiful turquoise pools, which are stimulating enough to wear off the lethargy of the tedious week. The adjacent district of Sharjah also has a few shores and museums of interest. Other famous weekend destinations from Dubai include the city of Ain situated near the borders with Oman, the quiet Umm Al Quwain emirate and the Iranian island of Kish. Intent tourists can also plan a journey to Abu Dhabi, located one and a half hour away. Popular Weekend Getaways, Weekend Destinations near Dubai, Weekend Getaways around Dubai, as per amplitude or activity type, choose the weekend getaway that must include Palm Islands, a beautiful retreat of land redemption and also one of the best weekend getaways from Dubai.

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