Make a trip and enjoy the cultural heritage along with elegant natural beauty of the land

Stains come in holidays to Mauritius, from the milky white-sand beaches and bright blue green lagoons to the bottle-green jungle that crust the island’s alpine spine. Its waters are swarming with sea life and diffused with shipwrecks forming it spot on for snorkellers and scuba divers.The lagoons, in the mean time, are excellent for popping windsurfing and paddle-boarding. The island brews Indian, French, Creole, Chinese and English access, an impression of its colorful past. It’s most obvious in the cuisine, which looks everything from spicy samosas prepared at roadside stalls to plates of coq au vin offered in well to do restaurants. This differences  also mean that the island’s holiday calendar is jam-packed. If one visits in January or February, look out for que carrying flower-covered wooden arches and pots of milk for Cavadee. In February or March there’s a colorful Hindu festival celebrating Lord Shiva, and in October or November, many islanders enjoy Diwali. When it comes to day trips, one has got many to choose from Mauritius holidays.  Scout the bustling markets and chic waterfront point of the capital, Port Louis, tour a sugar cane estate, or whiz at the huge water lily pads at Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens.

Arched of the desert, Dubai mixes 21st-century life with old Arabic ethics. Along with skyscrapers, mega-malls and supercars, one can get atmospheric souks, cafés serving shisha and thick Arabic coffee, and Bedouin camps out on the desert sands in Dubai luxury holidays. There are enough to keep one busy here – watch the city from the world’s tallest tower, take a tour along the Dubai Creek on a conventional wooden dhow, or play at one of the world-class golf courses. Out in the desert, test off-the-beaten-track villages and confined camel farms, or get the stress pumping on a sand catching tour during luxury holidays. On the shopping front, the tax-free deals and fashioner boutiques at latest shops, plus centuries-old souks where one can exchange for homespun ornaments or bags of saffron and cinnamon. A plentitude of Michelin-starred restaurants and chic cafés makes Dubai a retreat for foodies – brunch is a must on Fridays, the first day of the Arabic weekend.

Surprise yourself to an excited getaway to holidays to Maldives. This offers a host of Maldives comfort package specially designed to every taste. Pamper in the relaxed, casual luxury and splendor of this dramatic island. Enlist in spirited volley on the tennis courts. Relish a private picnic on a romantic desert island or form lasting memories with special someone. No matter the travel the comfortable Maldives luxury holiday specials make it easy to break to paradise. Escape to headlong solitude, test the deserted shores, snorkel over rainbow reefs and marine life, or just take a turn along the waterline with the calm tropical breeze at the back. Few places in the world bid more romance and magic than Maldives. Go down to the tropical witchery of the Maldives honeymoon resort, and start the life together amongst a setting of breathtaking delicacy and passion. Plunge on a one-of-a-kind Maldives honeymoon holiday, relax in the romance of the flower of the Indies.

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