Vacationing Time in Dubai with Loads of Evergreen Memories

Whenever you go on a vacation, make sure you do a lot of research beforehand about the place. This helps to cover the essential things around the place in a very short time in one hand, while on the other makes your vacationing life less stressful. Dubai is one of the hottest tourism destinations across the planet these days. So, if you are planning for vacationing in Dubai, it is advisable to get a thorough idea about the place. Some of the helpful sources in this context include the following:

  • Dubai Timeout
  • Trip Advisor
  • Personal blogs
  • Lonely Planet Travel Guide and of course,
  • Dubai tourism website

Dubai Fountains
One of the must-see objects while one is on holidays to Dubai is the Dubai Fountains. It is the largest choreographed fountain system in the world and is placed on the Burj Khalifa Lake. The gigantic fountain comes to life with light and sound performance. It is an addictive activity for tourists roaming the city.

The Dubai Fountains start from 6:00 in the evening and runs till 10:00 pm. There is an interval every 30 minutes and each performance lasts for 5 to 8 minutes approximately. The sunset performances are supposed to be the best.

Desert safari
The next amazing activity you should expect is the desert safari. If you love thrills then it is even more ideal for you. You can go for this trip with any tourism company that operates there. The organizers usually take their guests to Oman border, the tires of the vehicles are deflated and dune bashing starts. What follows for the next half an hour can be described in just one word, thrill. The drivers really need to be skilful with the steering to control a vehicle in this condition.

The best part of it is before you realize, half of an action-packed day will be gone and that memory will live with you forever.

On the other hand, if you are planning a vacation in the Maldives, it is a great thing. However, it is suggested that you should not stretch it for more than a week. Otherwise, you may feel bored and rundown after a certain span of time. Ideal vacation time to spend on this beautiful island nation is 6 days for any average couple. That too should be divided into 4 days in one hotel and the remaining two days at somewhere else to avoid boredom.

Conveyance and currency
While you are excited about your holidays to Maldives, here is a word of caution. Most hotels do not include your conveyance fare from the airport to their locations while sharing their room rates with you. But, this invariably turns out to be an expensive affair. The conveyance cost usually varies from hotel to hotel. So, it is advisable that you choose a hotel only after getting clarity on this factor.

The American dollar is widely accepted throughout the nation although the country has its national currency.

The author of this article, XXXX, is a veteran in tourism industry. He has conducted innumerable tours over the years, taking people on dubai holidays. His packages on Maldives holidays are also widely successful. For more information on holidays to mauritius, you can follow his regularly updated blogs across the popular online forums.

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