Dubai can be the most lucrative holiday destination

Travelling and holidays are complementary with each other. The whole world is filled with diverse natures and atmospheric climates. To experience the characteristics, cultures and weather conditions amidst nature and cities or places, you have to travel.

Quite often travelling is bound to the well known tourist spots throughout the world. But there is a connection with adventure and travelling. Many well known quotes are found in travelling, where there is a clear indication that tells travelling whenever there is scope, is very important for living happily. Many are there who want to explore, the not so popular places while spending their holidays, whenever possible. But in the list of world tourism, some places are well known and are most desirable destination for the travelers. One of the most attractive travel lover’s destinations is Dubai.

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Yes, Dubai is the place where many of us wish to visit, at least once, in our life time. One of the seven emirates that combine the United Arab Emirates or UAE, Dubai is the luxurious city. It is well known for the ultra modern architecture, several shopping malls for luxury shopping. The city is also popular for the diverse and lively scene of the nightlife. The business hub of the Middle East, Dubai emerged in the world for the iconic skyscraper constructions like Burj Khalifa and Burj al Arab which are worth mentioning.

To maintain the flow of the foreign cash, the strategy of the Dubai Government is more concentrated on the tourism industry. The Arabian city tourism is mainly based on the shopping centers along with other old or mediaeval attractions. The Dubai Fountain combined with the choreography of jets and lights to music is a special attraction for the tourists. Atlantis, The Palm resort on the man –made island is full of marine-animal parks and water based amusements.

If you are planning your holidays in Dubai, then it is going to be the absolute and fantastic one. The impressive tourist spot in the Middle East for its visitors is waiting to welcome you. Based on the air traffic, this Arabian city is the 7th most visited place in the world. So if you are going to enjoy the thrill to explore such a famous city, this is exactly the most excited time for you.

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When you are preparing the holidays to Dubai, some of the common and popular places in Dubai must be in your list of which places to visit. Among them are the Jumeirah mosque, Dubai Creek, Dubai Miracle Garden, Souk, Burj Al Arab, and Burj Khalifa etc. must be there. The significance of the Jumeirah mosque is that it is the only mosque in Dubai that allows non-Muslims to enter into it. The Souk is the biggest marketplace and the Dubai Creek is the one that separates Bur Dubai and Deira and has been proposed for the UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013. The natural landscapes and the beach resorts along with the balloon ride to the Arabian Deserts will add special spice to your Dubai holidays.

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  1. I want to visit Dubai soon! I hope to see the Burj before another building will hail as the new tallest skyscraper 🙂

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